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Alex Caire

MovNat - L3, NCSF -CPT, Taekwondo 4th DAN, Crossfit Level 1

Alex began his fitness journey with martial arts at 6 years old and began teaching at the age of 16.  He joined the marine corps in 2008 where he was exposed to a wider range of training methods. In 2012, he began studying MovNat and incorporating it into his practice. In 2016 Alex received his Level 3 certification and used it as a head coach in a martial arts school. In 2018 he opened a private practice focusing on fitness and movement coaching.

Doug Descant

MovNat - L2

Doug is a captain with the Houston Fire Department where he has been for 17 years.   He has coaching experience in martial arts, kettlebells, calisthenics, and functional movement screening. For Doug, MovNat is the bridge between the gym and the world of saving lives.    Doug coaches with the purpose of empowering his clients to be heroes in waiting for the people around them, ready to help with functional skills when their friends and families need them.

"'Michael is a MovNat Certified Level 2 Fitness Trainer, training to achieve Level 3.  He works with clients of all ages and abilities: junior high school students, homeschoolers, high school and college athletes, physical therapists, athletic adults, starting strength, military, first responders, “over 50,” and more. Following the methods and principles of MovNat, he scales up or scales down the training to fit all needs and goals, seeking to develop strength and real-world competence through skill-based work. Michael also has a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.A. in Philosophy, which help him better understand and teach fitness. As a youth he was active through high school on soccer teams that regularly won local championships and sometimes even went to state playoffs. He was Boy Scout, achieving First Class, camping as much as possible, and going to Philmont Boy Scout Camp.


"His interests and hobbies include cats, horses, and animals of all sorts, art, health and fitness, philosophy, logic, and the history and philosophy of mathematics and science. He is an avid reader of books (and avid listener of podcasts) on plants, animals, biology, and ecology, and a long-time practitioner of outdoor fitness. Everyday, no matter the weather, he is outdoors training in MovNat and studying the local ecology. He runs a Facebook group on ecology called Cypress Creek Ecological Restoration Project, CCERP (, has a podcast on all things ecology, the CCERP Podcast (, and has a podcast on education, the ReasonRx Podcast ( In the podcasts you will hear episodes about fitness, MovNat, nature, neurological development, science, logic, and more.”

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